The Latest Trends You Need To Know: Collaborative eCommerce

The Latest Trends You Need To Know Collaborative eCommerce

A new buzzword always emerges in the industry – from headless commerce to ‘harmonised retail’, these terms often have the effect to reshape an organisation’s strategy based on one word alone. Collaborative e-Commerce is however something less known of – only because it hasn’t been widely achieved and available, till now. 

Similar to the concept of collaborative commerce where technology optimises supply chain processes and information sharing, the e-commerce model enables website building collaborations between internal personnel and third-party business partners (e.g. merchants) through one unified platform.

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The New Hybrid Workplace 

From Zoom to Trello, collaboration tools and coordination softwares have skyrocketed – even Facebook wants a slice of the pie with their Workplace platform debut. Israeli project management tool (backed by Salesforce and Zoom), is also preparing to be listed under Nasdaq IPO with a valuation of USD$6 billion – a showcase of how COVID-19 has shaped new remote working behaviours and softwares like these have significantly helped firms strengthen communication and manage employees’ productivity.

For a global enterprise working with local teams means managing several domestic websites remotely. The goal of having a global curation of merchandise paired with localised content while making sure all data and information are synchronised proves to be the largest obstacles faced by businesses today in the build of their online store. Collaborative e-commerce brings all stakeholders to work together on a common goal and have full visibility on important information as well as resource sharing to equip local teams to work together with consistency. 

The Problem it Solves

Here’s where Techsembly is different from other e-Commerce SaaS solutions. The platform allows businesses with an international presence to build multi-shopfronts (in a matter of seconds!) with one synchronised backend and without the exorbitant fees just to do so. Global expansion should not be premiumised, but celebrated, which is where Techsembly comes to help foster collaboration between local teams to achieve a global standard. 

Brands can now manage multiple online stores without the different log-ins and worry about the odd currency conversions. Collaborative e-commerce platforms enable brands to have a centralised dashboard and a unified backend system that connects all users and applications onto one platform, presenting a single set of insights and data to work with.

Where time is limited in a day, businesses should be focused on increasing sales instead of time spent fiddling with plug-ins and manual fulfilments to make an e-commerce business running. Techsembly’s collaborative e-commerce platform has helped businesses increase their site’s conversion rate by nearly 70% through its turnkey localisation features. Ready to launch in Japan to capture the Olympic wave? No problem. Localise content at key moments no matter the season, with the same merchandise and services without having to spend endless billed hours on duplication across multiple websites.

Let us show you how quick and affordable it is just to get another site up and running within seconds. You don’t need sky-high revenue just to get premium features, we make the world accessible with just one click.