Why Mayfair's finest 5-star hotels are migrating to Techsembly

Luxury boutique hotel migrates to Techsembly, debuting its new e-boutique to showcase bespoke experiences and generate new revenue streams.


Flemings Mayfair is one of the few remaining independent privately owned hotels in London that has been in the same family for over 40 years. It is also one of the capital’s oldest established, having opened its doors in 1851. Part of Small Luxury Hotels of the World, the award-winning hotel offers unrivalled luxury accommodation in the heart of Mayfair just moments from Green Park, Piccadilly, and a short walk from Buckingham Palace.

Comprising thirteen townhouses that date from 1734, Flemings’ interiors are a chic blend of modern Art Deco style and Georgian elegance with an intimacy that belies the hotel’s 129 sumptuous guest rooms and luxury suites, including ten fully serviced apartments of either one, two or three bedrooms. It is the perfect base for a leisure escape with the very best that London has to offer literally right on its doorstep.

Flemings is also home to highly acclaimed restaurant Ormer Mayfair by Executive chef Sofian Msetfi and consistently ranked as one of the finest dining experiences in London. Sofian and his team offer a simpler and yet inspired dining experience with cooking suffused with creativity and originality. The dining experience is for you to take your time to savour a sublime food journey in an atmosphere that is as polished and sophisticated as it is relaxed.

Pietro Simone ClinicWelcoming the arrival of its new world-class skincare clinic, Flemings has partnered with renowned practitioner and facialist, Pietro Simone. With more than 20 years of experience, Pietro Simone is highly regarded by industry professionals, beauty experts and a roll call of high-profile international clients for his one-of-a-kind methodologies and 360° transformative experiences. The new clinic offers over thirty-five targeted and transformative personalised treatments which use science-led skincare, shockwaves, radiofrequency and state-of-the-art lymphatic drainage stimulation, to address issues ranging from acne and hyperpigmentation to premature ageing and unwanted body fat.



Flemings wanted to achieve greater profitability from its existing facilities and partnerships in line with their budgets and projected targets. It was looking to develop an enhanced online gifting service where they would have more control over marketing to generate brand awareness and to benefit from dedicated and optimised SEO.


"Why Techsembly? Oh, it’s because you with Peninsula! It is a perfect partnership and a great endorsement for Techsembly." - Flemings Mayfair



Due to challenges brought on by the pandemic, Flemings needed to be more resourceful with their online activities to stay relevant amongst their competition. The hotel is surrounded by some of the best hotels in London, and the only way to compete was not by copying what any of these hotels did but to create something unique that would set the hotel apart.

The previous gifting platform they had could only provide the simplest offering with gift cards and vouchers. These limitations hindered the hotel’s ability to create more dynamic and enhanced packages that would link seamlessly and effortlessly. Conversely, guests would be redirected from the hotel’s site to theirs and so consequently, this failed to optimise the hotel’s website for SEO. Its limitations on billing meant that some brand partners were excluded from any joint ventures.



Flemings chose Techsembly's gifting solutions to replace their legacy platform to list all their packages and experiences online. They favoured Techsembly's multi-product checkout that could bundle all their offerings into a bespoke and fully customisable solution with one checkout. They particularly liked the surprising and unexpected marketing support that Techsembly offered to help promote the e-boutique and expose it to a wider audience. Any associated costs would be offset by such activities to drive online traffic directly to the hotel’s own site with the goal of increased and quantifiable direct sales.


Screenshot 2022-03-23 at 7.54.18 PM


The onboarding process was effortless and stress-free with the Techsembly team working with the hotel to manage all aspects from design, product uploads, email set-up and importantly the migration of existing vouchers and gifts from the previous supplier.

The Flemings team also had full training in using the CMS and dynamic page builder functionality. They had the full support of the Techsembly account team post-launch.

Flemings Mayfair achieved their goal of creating a dedicated revenue stream by establishing its own e-boutique and a new marketing channel to promote its experiences and services. The online shop allowed Flemings to showcase their bespoke packages and experiences online and with the help of the Techsembly team, to debut it to a wider audience to attract new guests and clients.

Through Techsembly's third-party vendor management, the hotel was able to fully utilise and promote Pietro Simone's collaboration with Flemings online. Pietro’s skincare experiences and product ranges are now available to purchase online with the option to bundle and cross-sell with other outlets such as rooms or food & beverage within the one site and with a singular checkout.

The hotel had the opportunity to take charge of the e-boutique's development with input from start to finish and have full control over its branding instead of being hosted on another third-party site. It was important for Flemings to be able to protect its brand and indeed project this and its services to deliver a seamless online experience to guests.

Flemings saved costs by using Techsembly’s multiple legacy e-commerce platform to create and encompasses a bespoke gifting solution. To attempt this enterprise independently would have been a prohibitive cost. The result is not only a seamless shopping journey for the customer but also a unified view of all product offerings within one platform. Flemings will continue to upgrade their digital journey as it continues to expand its portfolio with new experiences and products.


"It has been a delight and a dream to work with Techsembly. It is a case of everything that you said you could do, or would do, you have done and more. We could not be happier." - Flemings Mayfair


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